Becoming Freedom Fighters

For me, Nicole, it began over a decade ago with a group of women who prayed together over issues of injustice which culminated in a trip to India. It was there, after meeting incredible survivors and organizations, we discovered the need for employment opportunities. I came back to the UK and started Polished Pearl, a business that helps to employ survivors. 

So Karin grew up around the message and work of freedom and has always loved baking and creating. After an internship with Abolition Bakery, she too felt drawn into using what was in her heart and hands to bring freedom...and so the idea for Freedom Society was born. 

This journey of has been frought with challenge but also SO much blessing! I have been stretched and changed by the incredible freedom family around the world. So I want to invite you to offer what is in your heart and hands to be used for freedom and to invite you into an an amzing freedom family.


Where To Start

The journey often begins with discovery. It is really important to have better understanding of human trafficking in order to know how you best fit. So here are some helpful resources to get you started.

Justice U, learning tool:

The USA National Hotline Information:

 The 2019 Global Trafficking in Persons Report:

Online Saftey Information: